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This is a community for celebrating and talking about women who have dared to stand up and make a difference, often at the risk of their lives. It's for celebrating the heroines -- real and fictional -- whose stories inspire us and entertain us.

Who inspires you? What stories do you come back to again and again? What separates a heroine from a mere protagonist? Are there some strong, brave women you admire even though they are villains? Who is missing from the Interests list who should be added?

The heroines discussed on this site express their heroism in different ways. Some are Warriors, who take up a cause. Some are Journeyers, who unexpectedly find themselves in extreme situations or rise to the challenge of new worlds. Some are heroines of Faith, motivated by their belief in a higher law. Some are Sovereigns, whose struggles are a consequence of being a ruler. Some are Adventurers, who seek challenge for its own sake. And of course, a single heroine may express more than one of these aspects.

Sometimes heroines win their battles, but not all of them. Heroism does not automatically guarantee victory. Sometimes heroism becomes martyrdom.

The one trait all heroines have in common is courage. There is no heroism without courage.